Maków Podhalański
Maków Podhalański

From now on you can enroll in the second edition of The Star of South, planned for July 12-15 2018. It is recommended to do it now.
The faster you enroll, the faster you will be able to plan your July vacation in Poland. There, among majestic mountains and never-ending woods you will spend your time doing what you like the most: biking.

3 Steps
To put this interesting idea into life, you should make only three steps:

  1. enroll for The Star of South;
  2. book July 12-15 in your calendar;
  3. wait patiently for next year summer holidays, excelling in a meanwhile your shape.

We got starting package that you can purchase right now. The sooner you do it, the less you pay:

  • 300 PLN (ca. 72 EUR) – price to November 30th
  • 400 PLN (ca. 96 EUR) – price to February 28th
  • 500 PLN (ca. 120 EUR) – price May 31st
  • 600 PLN (ca. 145 EUR) after June 1st, but no later than after 10.00 AM on the first stage.

If you make it before June 1st – and we believe you do – you will get a yellow t-shirt that beams with an astral shine and comes from our very limited The Star of South collection.
Every adventurer that will take part in our race will be given an occasional medal – one of a kind memorabilia.

The Star of South in a Nuthshell
For those who have not heard a lot about The Star of South yet, here are the most important information:

  • 4-day long MTB race in the shadow of Babia Gora mountain (Lesser Poland, ca. 60 kilometers from Cracow);
  • Every track has 2 alternative distances: Pro and ½ Pro
  • Available classifications: individual (age categories), team and mixed;
  • Cezary Zamana’s apple eye who pays great attention to every detail of its race.

Powerful arguments
But… why is it worth spending these July days biking in mountains and woods with Cezary Zamana?
It is worth, because The Star of South is a 4-day MTB race event on picturesque yet challenging tracks.
It is worth, because The Star of South will allow you to discover wild pleasure from biking on rocky and serpentine trails.
It is worth, because The Star of South is also the event with rich agenda full of attractions and surprises that will help you to discover the charm of Beskid Zywiecki.
It is worth, because The Star of South is the event for your family and friends, who you can take with you and spend these days together, having great fun.

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