Maków Podhalański
Maków Podhalański
Zawoja Track

Main characteristic of Pro version:

  • the final stage of Star of South 2018
  • a lot of intervals throughout trail, combination of forestry and cross roads, as well as classic single tracks
  • the highest peak – Jalowiec Mountain (1 100 MAMSL)
  • first uphill road: right after start, 3-kilometer long, 5% gradient
  • second uphill road: 5-kilometer long, altitude difference280 m
  • first downhill road: from Solnisko (883 MAMSL), 4-kilometer long, through forest
  • attention: potential difficulties at the crossroad after 1 km from Przelecz Koledowka where forestry road crosses with gravel one
  • the most challenging uphill road: after 12 kilometers, 5-kilometer long, altitude difference400 m, ends on Jalowiec peak
  • the most rewarding moment: on Jalowiec peak, when you see spectacular view on Beskidy
  • intervals: a lot of them after approaching Jalowiec
  • attention: first kilometer of downhill road from Lachow Gron (1045 MAMSL), great gradient + bug number of loose rocks under wheels = danger
  • the last uphill road: 5,3-kilometer long and 270 m altitude difference on wide asphalt road in Koszarawa
  • attention: everlasting mud at this part of track can seriously slow you down
  • the most interesting part: the final stage of track, 4 kilometers before finish: first 2-kilometer long single track in forest full of watercourses and breathtaking views followed by 2-kilometer long narrow, rocky, and steep path between woods.

Main characteristic of ½ Pro version:

  • a lot of intervals combined with challenging, technical forestry single tracks
  • first 9 kilometers – the same as Pro version
  • attention: single track after Koledowka is difficult enough itself, but it may get even harder when it is wet
  • dangerous downhill road leading to Zawoja Welcza: 3-kilometer long, very fast yet due to gravel under wheels it may be hard to get grip, especially on curves
  • challenging uphill road: from Zawoja to Przelecz Klekociny: 4-kilometer long, altitude difference300 m, rocky road that turns into gravel one after while
  • from Przelecz Klekociny ½ Pro joins Pro track right until finish

2016-12-12 POWRÓT