The Star of South 2020 - The Basic Rules of Participation

The Star of South 2020 - The Basic Rules of Participation

1. The objectives of racing event:
a) continuation of racing event started in 2016;
b) popularization of cycling and bike tourism in Poland;
c) promotion of regional tracks and tourist locations;
d) propagation of healthy lifestyle and active recreation;
e) continuation of setting new trends for bike events organization in Poland.

2. The Star of South Organizer:
a) Stowarzyszenie Rowerowe Zielony Szlak;
b) address: Dolna 14/5 Street, Zip Code: 05-092, Łomianki,
c) bank account: Santander Bank Polska S.A. 98 1090 1014 0000 0001 1815 1541,
e) e-mail:, phone +48 533 005 212
f) emergency phone during bike event: +48 609 084 184

3. Place, Date, Distances:
a) date of bike event: July 9-12 2020;
b) distances for stages I, II and IV:
• Pro: 40-70 kilometers;
• ½ Pro: 20-35 kilometers.

4. Participation:
To participate in The Star of South, one must be 16-year old or older (born in 2003 or earlier) and:
a) will enroll
• via website and finish process in Race Office;
• will enroll directly in Race Office;
b) will make obligatory payments: cash in Race Office or money transfer:
bank account: Santander Bank Polska S.A. 98 1090 1014 0000 0001 1815 1541
Stowarzyszenie Rowerowe Zielony Szlak
Dolna 14/5, 05-092 Łomianki
title transfer: name, CID number from Cyclopedia and the name of bike event (The Star of South 2020).
Notice: Organizer is not responsible for the dates of transfers. The only criterion deciding whether transfer is valid or not, is the accounting date.
In case of transferring money, biker is obliged to present confirmation of bank transfer in Race Office;
c) will sign the declaration that:
• she/he accepts that organizer and its representatives are not responsible for personal, material nor financial damages or losses caused before, during or after The Star of South 2020;
• she/he participate in The Star of South on her/his own responsibility;
• she/he takes civil and law responsibility for all damages caused by her/him;
• she/he will not use offensive language or act in a way that is contrary to fair play rules;
• she/he will obey traffic rules;
• she/he resigns from all claims concerning The Star of South and any accidents happened during it;
• she/he accepts to obey The Star of South rules;
• she/he is healthy and has no contraindications against participation in sport event;
• she/he agrees that photos, video recordings and interviews with her/him may be used by organizer or media (press, radio, TV, website);
• she/he agrees that Organizer would process their personal data for marketing purposes.

5. Payments:
a) starting fees:
• 400 PLN – valid to December 31st 2019
• 500 PLN – valid to February 28th 2020
• 600 PLN – valid to 30th May 2020
• 700 – valid after June 1st 2020, not later that to 10.00 AM on the day of first stage
b) Fee may be returned when biker resigns from The Star of South:
• fee is returned in 100% (minus 100 PLN, ca. 25 EUR) if fee was paid to May 30th 2020, declaration of resignation must be sent to;
• no fee is returned if declaration of resignation was sent after May 30th 2020;
• no fee is returned if biker was disqualified or withdrew from race.

6. Benefits for bikers:
After enrolling in The Star of South, biker receives:
• ride on four marked tracks;
• package start (start number, chip);
• t-shirt from limited collection;
• occasional medal for bikers who finished all four stages;
• electronical time measure and results;
• bike service on every stage;
• NNW insurance;
• buffet on track of every stage, minimum 2 buffets on Pro distance, minimum 1 buffet on ½ Pro distance (water, isotonic drinks, high energy bars, fruits);
• warm meal after every stage;
• access to bike washing station;
• emergency and medical service;
• occasional diploma confirming participation in the Star of South;
• time result sent via SMS on mobile phone (only if biker’s mobile number was given in Race Office)
• on-line results in Race Office;
• using Cyklometr application – allowing for tracking biker online and recording her/his result in Cyklopedia and accessing it in any given moment.
During The Star of South every biker may use the emergency number: 609 084 184.

7. Race:
a) During race, time is measured and bikers are tracked by electronic devices. Biker’s time is counted from the moment of biker’s sector start;
b) start for Pro and ½ Pro distances for all age categories will be a sectoral start, in which the order of bikers will be based on their individual time results from time trial (day one);
c) biker will be classified if he finishes the correct track of given distance with all control points. If starting kit does not work, biker is obliged to inform about it immediately Race Office;
d) every track will be marked and secured by Organizer representatives and medical service. First aid will be provided right after receiving information from the location of accident (emergency number: 609 084 814);
e) bikes are obliged to obey traffic rules, the Star of South rules and respectful approach towards organizers and medical service
f) it is advised to ride with mobile phone with launched and running Cyklometr application (
g) it is forbidden to throw away any trash (bars or gels packets) outside buffet zone. It is forbidden to use glass bottles on the track and in its nearby location.

8. Categories:
Age categories on distances:
Men Pro Distance:
• category GM1- to 26 years (born in 1994 or younger)
• category GM2- 27 - 36 years (born in 1993- 1984)
• category M3- 37 - 44 years (born in 1983-1976)
• category GM4- 45 - 51 years (born in 1975-1969)
• category GM5- from 52 years (born in 1968 or older)
Women Pro Distance:
• Open category
Men ½ Pro Distance:
• category M1 - to 26 years (born in 1994 or younger)
• category M2 - 27 - 36 years (born in 1993 - 1984)
• category M3 - 37 - 44 years (born in 1983 - 1976)
• category M4 - 45 - 51 years (born in 1975-1969)
• category M5 - 52 - 57 years (born in 1968 - 1963)
• category M6- 52 - 58 years or more (born in 1962 and older)

Women ½ Pro Distance:
• category K1 - 26 years (born in 1994 or younger)
• category K2 - 27 - 36 years (born in 1993 - 1984)
• category K3 - 37 years and older (born in 1983 or older)
• teams of 3-4 bikers
- 2 men
- woman and man
To enroll as a team, the proper form must be filled:
• form for teams:
• form for couples:
Biker, apart from individual classification, may start only in one additional classification: team or couple.
Filled forms must be sent to to July 1st 2020.

9. General classification:
General classification is for all bikers who made payment and finished all Star of South stages.
Individual stage winners will be bikers, who will finish given stage in a shortest time.
Individual winners of general classification in given categories will be bikers who will finish all stages in a shortest time (general result is counted as sum of all biker’s results from all stages).
There will be two general classifications:
• General ½ Pro – for bikers, who finish distance ½ Pro on all stages
• General and Universal – for the rest of bikers. Biker who finished II-IV stages on different distances (e.g. stage II – Pro, stage III – Pro, stage IV – ½ Pro) will be classified in General and Universal Classification and her/his time of finishing distance other than Pro will be the time of last biker who finishes on Pro distance (separately for woman and man).
Team Classification
The winning teams will be teams which gather the highest number of points on stages. To win General Team Classification, team has to gather the highest number of points after all four stages.
Couple Classification
The winners of Couple Classification (men, mix) on specific stages will be couples who will gather the highest number of points on given stage. To win General Couple Classification (men, mix), couple has to gather the highest number of points after all four stages.
On all distances there will be used one universal formula to calculate points for a biker’s place:
Pro distance:
• points = (time of winner in biker’s age category in seconds / time of biker in seconds) x 600
½ Pro distance:
• points = (time of winner in biker’s age category in seconds / time of biker in seconds) x 50
10. Trophies and awards:
• after every stage, in every age category on every distance, award ceremony will be held;
• awards will be given only on the racing days;
• 3 first bikers from every age category will be awarded in general classification of Star of South;
• Absence during award ceremony is equal to resignation from award.

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