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Stryszawa Track – July 13th 2018

Main characteristic of Pro version:

  • first 3 kilometers – deceptive as they are flat & fast…
  • …contrary to the first serious challenge: sudden & long (2 kilometers) up-hill road which ends with dangerously fast down-hill road

  • damaged asphalt & steep 1-kilometer long road is the next obstacle
  • thanks to comfortable & gravel road one can gain speed and use it on almost 1000-meter long down-hill road
  • crossroad with Pro and ½ Pro version – on 16th kilometer
  • relatively easy part between 18th and 21st kilometer – then laborious climbing on narrow asphalt track
  • 3-kilometer long part of rocky, dirty track in forest
  • steep ride to Czarna Góra (858 MAMSL) – firstly via narrow asphalt road, which turns into muddy country track
  • from Czarna Gora – sprint to Cicha Pass (775 MAMSL)
  • ultimate challenge – up-hill road on Jalowiec (1111 MAMSL)
  • 38. kilometer – Pro and ½ Pro combine into one track
  • difficult route on Kiczera peak (905 MAMSL)
  • two more hard parts: up-hill road: from Przyslop Pass to Surzynowka and sharp down-hill & serpentine road
  • last kilometer is a demanding down-hill bumpy road

Main characteristic of ½ Pro version:

  • first 16th kilometers – the same as Pro version
  • from 16th kilometer – long (6 kilometers), laborious up-hill road leading on Jalowiec (1111 MAMSL) from northern side
  • after that, ½ Pro joins Pro track and stays the same until stage finish
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