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Stryszawa Track – prologue, July 12th 2018

Main characteristic:

  • 7-kilometer long
  • first kilometer – flat & perfect for in-run

  • then steep up-hill asphalt road which after 2 kilometers turns into rocky, dirt road
  • from flat area that starts from 3,5. kilometer you can see the stage finish: giant observation tower belonging to Beskidzki Raj
  • next 2 kilometers are laborious climb through forest
  • kast 1500 meters, almost to the very finish, are again an asphalt road that changes its slope from time to time
  • open space that surrounds us reveals the magnificent landscapes
  • final 200 meters: only steep up-hill serpentine road leading straight to Surzynowka peek (816 MAMSL)
2016-12-20 POWRÓT


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13.07.2018 - Stryszawa - wieczorek piłkarski
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