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Makow Podhalanski Track

Main characteristic of Pro version:

  • the third stage of The Star of South 2018
  • first serious challenge – right after start, 2-kilometer long uphill asphalt road, altitude difference200 m
  • on Makowska Mountain Pro trail goes along blue track: very interesting and diversified as well as surprisingly fast
  • between 3rd and 7th kilometer – please stay focused as track will have a lot of surprises and it ends with steep uphill road to Mioduszyna
  • the best place for rest and regeneration: 7th-10th kilometer along Skawa river
  • from 12th kilometer – a bit technical ride on red track with wheel-ruts, slaloms between puddles and gravel road
  • attention – downhill road from Chelm is not that innocent as it looks. Watch out for deep-hidden wheel-ruts
  • 17th kilometer – fast ride through Budzow village with dangerous curves waiting in there
  • Long and surprisingly challenging uphill road to Makowska Mountain – after a bit of typical steep uphill drive on concrete plates, there will be wheel-ruts, narrowing trails, sand
  • On Makowska Mountain Pro and ½ Pro become one track and go straightforward to finish in Makow Podhalanski

Main characteristic of ½ Pro version:

  • first 3 kilometers – the same as Pro version
  • after long and challenging uphill, on the top of Makowska Gora there will be a crossroad: ½ Pro turns right on black track
  • next 2 kilometers are perfect for rest and regeneration: some astonishing landscapes will be helpful
  • after 1000 meters very difficult uphill road begins: gradient will be varied (up to even 20%), loose rocks, thick grass, roots and non-drying puddles
  • a chance to catch a breath – after 10th kilometer, there will be some downhill roads as well but overall – more climbing, on Koskowa Gora (866 MAMSL)
  • attention: from Koskowa Gora you can see Cracow, Tatras Mountains and Babia Gora
  • on 12th kilometer the most fascinating part of stage and all Star of South begins: joyful and adrenaline-pumping downhill road when dry, slippery and nerve-wracking
  • in the middle of distance (15th kilometer) – picturesque landscapes with Tatras Mountains panorama
  • interval, twisting trails through deep forest lead to Kozlowa Gora and Kamienna Gora
  • attention: 5 kilometers before finish, a dangerous and steep and full of loose rocks downhill road begins, its gradient is growing rapidly as bikers’ speed
  • last 2 kilometers – typical asphalt road straight to finish in Makow Podhalanski
2016-12-12 POWRÓT


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